About this Website

Welcome to Aether Mug!

My name is Marco Giancotti. Besides Aether Mug, I write on another website titled Plankton Valhalla, where I try to reinvent the way we talk about the world in simpler terms, informative but maximally accessible. "Plankton" is made up of longish essays and, at least for the first dozen foundation-building pieces, it tends to be very general and—I must admit—kind of philosophical. It is also fiendishly difficult to write.

Aether Mug is like a back-stage for Plankton, a place where I can write more freely about all the things that go through my mind as I study and write for Plankton Valhalla. It is more random, fragmented, at times half-baked, and usually less self-contained. Where Plankton assumes almost zero background knowledge on anything, in Aether I may sometimes assume that you know who, say, Claude Shannon was and that a concept called, say, “abiogenesis” exists.

In other words, this is what a time-traveler from the the good ol’ days might call a “blog on the internet”.

Contact Me:

@marco_giancotti on Twitter, or reply to any of the emails from the newsletter.