Blowing Against the Fog of War

A little about Plankton Valhalla and Aether Mug.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Something

Generalism is a specialization.

Aphantasia Is No Creativity-Killer

I turned my back to art, then turned again.


A mosaic.

"Bad" Framings

And how to spot them.

Borges on Chaos Theory

About a weird, lovely short story.

Human Language Is Not a Network

A visual explanation.

Is There Anything Untranslatable?

Words do mean things, but not only.

Hills Not Walls

The choice of our metaphors matters.

They Made Us

Natural selection is the opposite of what it sounds.

A Medium-Agnostic Taxonomy of Notifications

Or, I Went a Bit Too Far Fantasizing About the Ideal Notification UX

Language is a Bottleneck for Thought

The definitive case in favor of headjacks?

The Beautiful Dissociation of the Japanese Language

An extra dimension that you can play with.

A Fundamental Framing of Human Language

The very use of words implies a certain way to segment the world.

Don't Think and Write, They Say

Online writing beyond bowel movements.


A subjective description of the experience.

A Framing Is a Choice of Boundaries

One way or another, you've gotta chop it up.

Software Projects Will Be Late

Blame the thickets and the paradoxes.

Internal Model Translation Table

There's something for every occasion!

Conversational Humor Is Funny Only After You've Seen It Click

Most funny interactions betray the usual categories and seem to be evolutionary or emergent.

Embedded Prophesy Devices

Without a vast, detailed replica of the world encoded as models inside your body, you wouldn't survive one day.

Designing for Emergence

"If we are ever to advance beyond simple computational artefacts, we need a science of emergence"